If you want to solve a problem, create a strategy or build your team, we can help.  We work with organisations to engage stakeholders and collaborate.  We use co-creation principles and facilitate team working to find solutions that are engaging and will stick.  Our projects range from developing new policies and services to evaluations and reviews.  We evaluate and review projects so that lessons are learned.

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Collaborative Working

Organisations achieve more working together than they do alone.  Yet collaborative working does not always come easily.  How do you find common ground, establish a culture, work out what to let go of and who does what?  We work with organisations that are seeking to achieve results together.  We use the international standard ISO 44001 among other frameworks to help you develop effective collaborations.

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Our facilitators focus on how you work together and decide, so you can concentrate on the subject matter.  Our facilitators work to the international standards of the International Association of Facilitators.  We work with you to design effective events, create a participatory environment, and guide the group to useful outcomes.  Working both face to face and virtually, our facilitators take a neutral stance so that everyone can participate.

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Our trainers practise what they preach.  We are real practitioner / experts in what we train.  We offer training programmes in organisations across facilitation, communication and influencing skills and also including project management and business planning.  We also run face to face and virtual events open to the public, including in English and French together with our French partner Formapart.

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Wilson Sherriff
Our Story

Wilson Sherriff was founded in 2000 by Simon Wilson and Carol Sherriff.  We found that teams and organisations valued having someone independent to help them achieve their goals.  Since then we have worked with teams and organisations, including many joint collaborative projects.  We have worked in national and local government, with charities and not for profits, and with private companies large and small.  We also work internationally.

Carol and Simon, our founders, are acknowledged experts and thought leaders in facilitation, both face to face and virtual, and we have a great network of associates who bring experience, energy and expertise.

Our projects range from short facilitated workshops to long-term strategy and evaluation assignments.  We work at the most senior levels of organisations and with practitioners on the front line, both face to face and virtually.

Collaboration is at the core of what we do – supporting teams, organisations and partnerships to achieve more together than they would alone.

What our Clients
say about us

“Wilson Sheriff provided an excellent service, they responded well to a challenging timeline, taking a project management approach to keeping things on track. They listened to their client’s needs, while also providing critical and creative input to ensure that the best outcomes were achieved. “

Mark Ellis Jones, Environment Agency

“I have been left in no doubt that the project would be nowhere near as advanced had Wilson Sherriff not been employed. The enthusiasm brought to the project by them had a bearing on all three organisations buying in to the principles of this partnership approach.”

Mike Adams, project lead of River Rea Partnership, Birmingham

“I would like to thank and congratulate your team on the wonderful PALM webinar! I have just finished it and it was exceptionally well constructed, informative, practical, interactive and interesting. It was both highly useful and a pleasure to participate in. Chapeau to you and your team, including Carol and Simon!!!”

UNAIDS staff member

In Business For Good

As a successful business we want to do more than make money.  We see ourselves as a ‘more than profit’ business.

In Business for Good is a virtual network celebrating the great things small firms do to benefit their communities, employees, the environment and society.