Research Projects

Our research and evaluation projects involve you and your stakeholders in building and inclusive process to achieve agreed outcomes.

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We produce research reports on plain English and appropriate to different audiences making clear what we have done and what has been decided.

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Consultation and co-creation

We work with public and private organisations to help them tap into the views of the public, service users and key client groups – so they can make rounded, well-informed decisions.

Drawing on elements from social and market research, and a range of techniques we have refined over the years, we produce results that are methodologically robust.  We ensure that the people consulted  feel that their views count, and know what will happen as a result of their contributions. We plan our research projects meticulously with clear agreed milestones – and feed back all our findings in ways that are transparent and fully accountable.

Increasingly organisations are looking to go beyond consultation to co-creation – involving their customers or other stakeholders in developing new products, projects and ideas.  We are leading practitioners in practical co-creation techniques that work for organisations and stakeholders alike.