If you work with groups, questions are a key component of your toolbox. Whether you work internally as a manager, team leader or professional supporting the group or as an external consultant or facilitator one of your key tasks is to help the group achieve their goals by asking the best questions at the most appropriate time.

Our ebook That’s the question! How managers and facilitators can ask the best question at the best time helps you do just that.

This book introduces 20 question frameworks that will help you identify the best question and the best time to ask it by looking at the purpose of the questions, the likely response and how you ask it: your mindset, your posture, your gestures, your intonation. We describe four different groups of questions:
1.Overarching question frameworks
2.Structuring question patterns
3.Questions to use in the moment
4.Concluding and reflecting questions
For each question framework we explain why you should use it, provide a basic description, and then more detail about how to use it.

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