Online Facilitation

Getting people together for a conference, workshop or meeting is expensive, time-consuming and, if travel is involved, has a negative impact on the environment. However, virtual meetings can also waste time and money if they are not propoerly focused. Wilson Sherriff has developed an approach to virtual and online that will save time and money, have a positive impact on the environment and achieve the outcomes you need.

‘We’ve got members all over the country and bringing them together would be a nightmare. When Carol suggested an online discussion it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders…’
Using the very latest technology, combined with approaches which are easily accessible and reassuring to participants, we create virtual ways of bringing groups together. These can be one-off events or part of an innovative package of face-to-face and virtual discussions.  Our facilitators are skilled in creating interest and involvement in virtual environments.

Saving time, money and carbon

Increasingly our clients are conscious of time, travel costs and the carbon impacts of travel. But not everybody finds virtual meetings easy to use and this is where our experienced facilitators can make a real difference. They help your participants to focus on discussions and outcomes – and not get distracted by the technology.

The latest technology

We work with the latest commercial products – such as WebEx, Adobe Connect, Elluminate, Ning – and also with organisations’ in house platforms and social media.

A range of possibilities

Our facilitators help your participants to use a range of mediums, such as:
•    video or telephone conferences
•    online forum
•    webcasting discussions or videos
•    social media to support and ‘amplify’ events
•    facilitated events in virtual environments

‘We were really struggling to use the video conference properly … the facilitator got us to focus on what we needed to achieve and stop being so self conscious about talking on camera. It was quite a revelation!’

Virtual Meetings that Work – developing your skills

You might want to develop your own skills in planning and managing virtual meetings – in which case our Virtual Groups Workshop (in English and French) is made for you.