Team Coaching

Just as one to one coaching can help an individual become more effective, so team coaching helps all the members of the team work together more effectively. It can be even more efficient and cost-effective for you than providing one to one coaching.

To maximise the impact of the coaching programme and to fit into your existing work schedules, we blend face to face, online and telephone coaching.
We can help you and your teams tackle the most challenging issues facing your organisation, improve performance and effectiveness, and build better relationships inside and outside the organisation.

Performance and effectiveness leaps ahead once the whole team engages with the real issues that affect their performance and relationships  – issues that often get suppressed or ignored because of pressure of work.
We work with the team to get to the heart of the issues that affect their performance and effectiveness. Sometimes the team are very clear about the issues to be addressed. More often they recognise the symptoms but don’t understand the causes.

To help your team unearth their issues and find solutions, we use a range of approaches drawn from organisational and business models and more intuitive and creative models such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and story telling.  We can provide additional insight and support using diagnostic questionnaires and interviews with individual team members.

Your team needs to continue to develop after the coaching programme has finished. We therefore introduce them to frameworks and processes they can use themselves. This includes helpful ways of discussing and resolving conflicts and differences that are likely to arise.
We facilitate a range of team development activities including

  • Team coaching programmes linked to a specific project or stage of development of the team
  • Action learning sets bringing together members to work on agreed areas of development
  • Developmental awaydays to focus on team development away from the workplace
  • Short sessions focused on specific issues, for example influencing and persuasion skills or engaging with customers and stakeholders
  • Reviews of projects and programmes to identifying the lessons learned for full implementation and roll out

Getting started

To discuss how we can help meet your needs, contact Simon Wilson