Team, Group and One-to-One Coaching

We work with business owners and managers, senior leaders, people going through work transitions, and teams to achieve sustainable results.

To maximise the impact of the coaching programme and to fit into your existing work schedules, we blend face to face, online and telephone coaching.

One-to-one coaching

Our coaches work with you to improve personal, business and professional performance.  We coach business owners, senior leaders, operational staff and sole practitioners to improve their  effectiveness.  We have particular expertise in coaching business owners aiming for growth, and people who want to achieve a healthy balance between their professional and personal amibitions including at key times of transition.  To discuss your coaching needs or find out more please contact Carol Sherriff.

Business growth

We work with business owners and leaders on their personal effectiveness, and have a particular focus on building social, environmental and ethical thinking into your business strategy.  We work face to face, on the phone or online to suit your needs.

Work transitions

We work with people considering job changes, finding a new career or planning to retire.  We help people find the right balance between their personal and professional ambitions.

Facilitating effective team working

We can help you and your teams tackle the most challenging issues facing your organisation, improve performance and effectiveness, and build better relationships inside and outside the organisation.  Performance and effectiveness leaps ahead once the whole team engages with the real issues that affect their performance and relationships  – issues that often get suppressed or ignored because of pressure of work.

We work with the team to get to the heart of the issues that affect their performance and effectiveness. Sometimes the team are very clear about the issues to be addressed. More often they recognise the symptoms but don’t understand the causes.

We facilitate a range of team development activities including

  • Team coaching programmes linked to a specific project or stage of development of the team
  • Action learning sets bringing together members to work on agreed areas of development
  • Developmental awaydays to focus on team development away from the workplace
  • Short sessions focused on specific issues, for example influencing and persuasion skills or engaging with customers and stakeholders
  • Reviews of projects and programmes to identifying the lessons learned for full implementation and roll out