Virtual Learning Set

Riders on the Storm virtual learning set

We have great pleasure in inviting you to join the first ever Riders on the Storm virtual learning set starting in January 2014.

This virtual learning set is designed for facilitators, coaches and other HR professionals. It builds on many of the benefits of the Riders on the Storm summit:

  • You can get involved at a time and place to suit you,
  • There will be expert input and an international audience to broaden your knowledge and perspective
  • It will cover the storms you face as a person, a professional and in business or practice.

There is one key difference – the virtual learning set focuses directly on you and your personal, professional and business needs.  So if even the thought of the virtual learning set has you metaphorically battening down the hatches, perhaps it’s just what you need?  Or of course it might be the very thing you have been waiting for to help you launch your new boat.  We will be delighted if you join us for this great adventure.

Why should I join Riders on the Storm Virtual Learning Set?

There are three main reasons to join this Virtual Learning Set:

  • Many facilitators, coaches and HR professionals work alone or with a small team and do not always have the support networks to call upon when our business or life hits stormy weather
  • When we do call upon support from sources like business advice what we get is often generic and not tailored to the types of practice or business we run
  • We find that personal, professional and business issues often crowd in on each other and it’s difficult to know where to start.

The Riders on the Storm virtual learning set is designed to provide you with a support network, tailor that support and advice to you, your practice and how you do business and help you start, persevere and finish.  So if you want to take yourself, your practice and your business to a new level of success, join the  Riders on the Storm Virtual Learning Set.

So what is a virtual learning set?

The Riders on the Storm virtual learning set is based on the model of an action learning set – a small group of people agree to meet together on a regular basis to discuss work-related issues or to develop skills in an area of common interest. Learning Sets give individuals time to explore issues that they need to resolve in an environment which is empowering and which helps the individual to find a solution – rather than be told what to do. In a Learning Set participants are able to raise real life problems, difficult questions, discuss sensitive issues and share their learning in a supportive environment, secure in the knowledge that what they say remains confidential to the group.  The Riders on the Storm learning set is however a virtual learning set so we won’t meet face to face – although we have plans to organise ‘reunions’ at conferences of the International Association of Facilitators or similar events that participants plan to attend.

We will work together using distance and online tools. The Riders on the Storm virtual learning set is based on the three themes of the summit – developing your storm riding skills and knowledge as a professional person; in your professional practice; and in your business or practice. However, the participants will choose the specific areas within those three themes that they wish to focus on. The virtual learning set will be open to up to twelve people at a time, and will take you on a collaborative learning journey over five months starting in January 2012.

If you want to find out more about the Virtual Learning set please contact us.

How can I participate in Riders on the Storm virtual learning set?

You will be able to participate in a way that suits your personal and professional life. There will be expert advice and guidance for you to download and listen to or study when and where you want.  Each month will feature an online telephone conference for all members of the set, backed by an online forum so that you can share issues, problems and solutions.  You will also benefit from a monthly individual and personalised coaching session using Skype or telephone whichever you prefer.  Carol Sherriff and Simon Wilson will facilitate the virtual learning set. We are both certified Professional Facilitators, experienced coaches and have been running a business together for over 10 years.  You can join in wherever in the world you live and work and benefit from the support of an international group of professionals.

What is my investment and the next steps to take?

Your investment for the five month Virtual Learning Set is £600 (for currency conversion go to  A limited number of discounted places are available for people working in charitable or voluntary organisations – please contact us for details.  Places are limited so that we can make sure everyone gets the personal attention they need.