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We offer a range of published and self-published resources to help business owners, managers, facilitators, coaches and other professionals work effectively with teams and groups.

Strategies for Growth Checklist

You can download the Strategies for Growth Checklist here
Riders on the Storm Summit eBook

* Foreward – why the Summit was organised
* Standing Calm in the Storm – an interview with Carol Sherriff
* Confronting the Crisis of Leadership – Martin Kalungu-Banda
* From Artisan to Strategist: working ON the business not IN it – David Molian
* A Client’s Perspective – Claire Tyler
* Conflict and Challenge in Groups – Simon Wilson
* Summit discussions – Carol Sherriff and Simon Wilson
* The impact of the Summit

For a free extract from the eBook go to Standing Calm in the Storm.

To purchase the complete eBook for ¬£19.00 go to our booking page and choose ‘Riders on the Storm eBook’ from the drop down menu.

Riders on the Storm Summit MP3s and CD audios

You can get permanent access to all the 2011 Summit presentations on MP3 or CD audio. This includes the interviews published in the eBook and Christine Thornton’s interview on ‘The Secret Life of Groups’.

I purchased the sessions to support your work, but being able to listen to the sessions over again has been an unexpected bonus … each session was so information rich that I am hearing new things each time I listen and I’ve listened to several sessions 3 times!

Participant in 2011 summit

International Association of Facilitators’ handbooks

Simon Wilson and Carol Sherriff are authors of ‘Metaphors at Work’ in the IAF handbook on Creating a Culture of Collaboration and of ”The Heroes Journey – helping inflexible groups and inflexible facilitators get unstuck’ in Working with Difficult Groups. Clink on this link to browse facilitation books to which Wilson Sherriff writers have contributed.

The eBook includes transcripts of selected interviews from the International Summit held in February this year. It also contains  a foreword and afterword setting the summit in context and explaining what happened as a result.

This checklist was developed as part of the Small Business SHAPING THE BIG SOCIETY virtual summit. It sets out 7 steps you can take to focus your Big Society activities and create strategic advantage and growth.