Wilson Sherriff Team

Carol Sherriff Collaborative Working Consultant and Social Entrepreneur

Carol Sherriff

Co-Founder of Wilson Sherriff Ltd.
Carol specialises in learning Facilitation, stakeholder engagement and co-production,  Side by side with her role as a Director of Wilson Sherriff, she is an Associate Dean with the Open University Business School specialising in strategy and knowledge management and the development of online learning programmes.  She holds MBA and MSc degrees and is accredited as a Certified Professional Faciliator (Master).

Simon Wilson

Co-Founder of Wilson Sherriff Ltd
Simon specialises in facilitating workshops, events and projects both face to face and online, helping organisations consult, collaborate and decide.  He holds an MBA degree and has a strong knowledge of public policy, governance, and project management.  He is accredited as a Certified Professional Facilitator (Master) and has chaired several not for profit trustee boards.

Jack Wilson Sherriff

Jack is an experienced online facilitator.  He also leads on operational and finance management for Wilson Sherriff.  He holds a BSc degree and is an experienced researcher and report editor.  He has experience in the retail sector and has a qualification as an accounting technician.  He is part of our training team for virtual facilitation.

Louise profile

Louise Pettigrew

Louise is a facilitator and graphic artist.  She is trained in different schools of facilitation and has worked with a wide range of groups including students and young people as well as professionals and academics.  She is leading our work on virtual graphic facilitation and trains staff in areas like assertiveness, effective behaviours and facilitation.


Sarah Sherborne

Sarah leads our media training work, bringing extensive experience as a professional actor and voice over artist as well as many years’ experience offering communications training to organisations including at senior management level.

Mark Prangell

Mark is an experienced project manager, facilitator and consultant with an in depth knowledge of quality standards including the international standard on collaborative business relationships.  He has worked with us on facilitation and development projects, and is one of the leaders of our ‘human side of project management training’.

Helene Jewell

Helene is an experienced facilitator and trainer with a background in Speech and Language Therapy and International Development. Her interests lie in team development, communication and engagement, and she is experienced at working face to face and online. She has worked with us on stakeholder engagement projects in the environmental sector and collaboration projects in higher education. She is currently Chair of the International Association of Facilitators England and Wales.

Karen Saunders

Karen is a facilitator and consultant with a background in environmental policy and management.  She is a member of our facilitation team with a strong interest in collaboration and citizen participation.

Sonia Mayor

Sonia is a trainer, facilitator and clinical supervisor working with a background in community development and children’s policy. She has worked in central government and is an innovator in the development of new approaches to restorative practice.